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caffeine can’t describe it

Welcome to my blogging website, Instant Coffey Chat. We will talk about a variety of things including anime, games, politics, and philosophy. Topics will mostly be USA and English related. So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and enjoy the vast amount of content. I will be posting at least once a week.

Here at instantcoffee.net™, instaracofechat.club™, or instantcoffeychat.com™ we obviously like to espresso ourselves in a variety of ways.

Therefore everyone have fun, express your freedom of speech, and feel free to spark a convo. Through the site’s comment page or disqus box below our posts (click on the tab you want). Or leave a live message in our Chatango box. Just don’t forget to be civilized.

Currently the website design is in its’ basic form, but all the functions are still there. It will power up to its’ SSJ form eventually.

Lastly big thanks to this person for our background image for the website and spreading the good word on breast cancer awareness. Fountain in Pink by Fredrik Walloe, CC

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