Absolver Plus FURI GOG Offer, fan review

Absolver Plus FURI GOG Offer

This deal will end on September 12 2017

GOG.com is running this Absolver plus FURI offer. Where if you buy Absolver you will get FURI for free. Both of these games was on my wish list. So I got to play FURI, while waiting for Absolver to come out. Now that I’ve played both games. I’m going to go ahead and put both fan reviews together. Get ready for my take on these 2 indie games!

FURI is Hardcore

Lets get one thing straight. Yes, FURI is a dick. It is like 90% good dick. That type of good dick your mother would ride. Then the other 10%. Is a horrid, annihilating, and pussy destroying. Son of a bitch dick. That everyone else. Just wants to throw in jail.

Now to look at the brighter side of things. You can just play it on easy mode and make sure you use a controller. Which I’m so glad the developers added these features. So those of you out their. That wrote reviews saying, “Furi Is The Wrong Type Of Hard.” Need to take a step back because all the boss fights were fair.

Essentially FURI is just a big boss rush battle mode. With hack n slash and shoot ’em up combat combined together. It ends up working out very well and kind of reminds me of Malicious. Except without the minions to battle. My only problem with this. I think it would be okay to add some minions to FURI. Like between the boss fights and maybe one wave during.

Another criticism I have. Is that it would be nice to get a list of all the dialogue and a movie viewer. For all the cut scenes.

Game Length

Each of FURI’s boss battles can take 15 minutes each to beat. If you manage to defeat them on your 1st play through. There are 10 bosses total and a extra 2 through dlc (currently not offered on GOG).  Altogether that makes it a minimum of 150 min. This is only if you are good at memorization, quick reflexes, and the will power to continue.

Now if you are really terrible at the game. It can take each boss battle 1 hour. So yes, this is a fairly short game. With the only replay value of trying to get a higher score. I highly recommend you play FURI in short sessions.

Everything Blends Together

At first you are going to hate the walking segments, but will begin to appreciate them. It gives you a chance to look at the games lovely design and sci fi aesthetics. Which some of the artwork is done by the exact same guy from Afro Samurai. This also gives you a chance to delve deeper into the story. Accompanied by the atmospheric music.

The way the story is told is almost as abstract as the artwork itself. Even though there are cut scenes. They are fairly short. You will get most of the story from walking around and dialogue from boss battles. You might even find out that FURI is related to (spoilers). After you beat the game.

As a heads up though. Immediately fight the boss on stage 6. Or you will get a end game and will have to start over. This sent me into a FURI! I was so close into lowering the score for this game because of that. However I decided to “take a step back” and play it again.

Then I realized this game is almost perfection and gave it 4.5 stars. How a indie game ended up more enjoyable than AAA games⸮ Is just beyond me. The developers seem to be a nice bunch too!

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 1/2

Absolver is a Remember Me Multiplayer

I’m going to keep it short and sweet with Absolver. Right off the bat I can tell you. I love the 3 days I spent with it. Yet I wish I didn’t play it during launch. I probably could have had a better experience. Hence why I will wait for about a month or year. Hell, they might even add swimming and flying to the game.

A list of glitches I went through:

  1. servers keep going off line
  2. my school xp was not being counted at first
  3. the social tab freezes the game
  4. certain CPUs just disappear
  5. randomly freezes

Comparisons to Other Franchises

This game honestly reminds me of Remember Me. In both games you can create your own attack moves. The big difference with Absolver. Is that it is more in depth and in addition to this. You can play against or with people. It would just be nice to have some sort of voice/text chat.

Absolver is balanced and even feels like a open world fighting game. Where 2 cpu vs 1 player isn’t all that uncommon. Although all this might sound appealing. Industry standards like Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Are still more fun and better balanced. Also as I mentioned earlier. The concept of creating your own combos isn’t new. Even games like Way of the Samurai have done this.

Essentially we need something more than that from Absolver and I’m not even talking about. The non existing story.

Change This Please

Graphics aren’t that pretty but who cares? What I care more about is that the right analog stick. Shouldn’t have to be forced mapped to your special ability. I have no clue why the developers did this because you can map everything else.

Lastly I dislike the idea that they couldn’t give the consumer. A option for a pointer to the objective and a consistent map on screen. Us players sometimes don’t feel like looking for this ish!

Due to everything stated above. Absolver seems like a 3 out of 5 to me. Once I play it again in the future. I’ll give a update to see if anything has changed. Hopefully by then. It doesn’t die out how For Honor did. Most MMOs and multi player focused games. Go this route, but Absolver does have a off line mode. Therefore it could dodge that bullet.

Absolver Plus FURI Equals Love

This Absolver Plus FURI GOG Offer. Came with a average game and a splendid one. I wouldn’t take these purchases back. The developers plus GOG earned that money and kept me entertained this past month.

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🌟 🌟 🌟

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