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AngryJoe don’t take this as bad criticism!

As a person who has been watching you. Ever since you criticized Capcom for adding a TRUE true ending to Asura’s Wrath. I can honestly say all this drama you are going through is unnecessary. The most simple fix. Is to just split your AngryJoe Show channel.

What has fueled the drama even more is your response to it. I personally didn’t even know about this drama. Until someone mentioned it on boogie’s live Twitch stream. Then I saw this video and more of the drama is spilling out onto your Twitter page. Which can’t be good for the fan base at all.

Disabling your comments is not going to help your situation because you won’t be able to shut people up. Especially if they are from USA. We are just so opinionative, love expressing our freedom of speech, and would find a way of letting it out.

The outrage of you going on vacation. Has nothing to do with the vacation itself. It has everything to do with your original fan base wanting more game reviews.

Quote from AngryJoe Reddit 

(2009 Angry Reviews – 12) (2010 Angry Reviews – 13) (2011 Angry Reviews – 17) (2012 Angry Reviews – 23) (2013 Angry Reviews – 19) (2014 Angry Reviews – 13) (2015 Angry Reviews – 14) (2016 Angry Reviews – 13) (2017 Angry Reviews – 10 “SO FAR”)

What is really key here AngryJoe. Is that I can just assume that you gained the bulk and most die hard of your fans during 2012. In fact that is also the year. In which I first heard about you and you didn’t even hit 1 mill subs until 2013.

Of course you are not going to hear about any outrage in 2013 because you only went down by 4 videos. The year you fell off is 2014 because this makes you 10 videos down. However a fan base is going to forgive you. If you downgrade for 1 year. Then all of a sudden it continues to happen in 2015 and 2016. Lastly, 2017 has no way of reaching the glory years of 2011 to 2013. Because you are also making other content. Such as movie reviews and other minor stuff.

Which you always did minor videos, but the increase of movie reviews and the decrease of gaming reviews. Would probably trigger a fan. Who just joined you between the 2011 and 2013 glory years.

Easy Fix

Once again, probably the best way to handle it. Is to split the channel. Have a game review only channel. Then a channel of movies and others.

People would kill to be in your situation right now. Hell I wish people were upset that I didn’t put out a review. That would make me thousands of dollars. Yet nobody has no clue. About my deep seated dislike for Hellblade. Anyways, it is such a small fix and you are going through a lot of stress for nothing. Just split the channels and all the glory will be yours.

Lastly, before I move on to the next topic. Both sides are being toxic and entitled when it comes to this matter. AngryJoe don’t just blame it on the people who only want the game reviews.

My history of watching AngryJoe

Do I for one watch your non-game reviews? Not really because I don’t enjoy them like your Angry game reviews. I respect that others do, but you have to realize. When YouTube keeps sending us email notifications. Then we open it up and there isn’t a game review inside. But instead something that we personally don’t care about. Then people are going to rage. I mean we are suppose to be the AJSA⸮

Eventually it came to the point I had to turn off email notifications and just save your play list with the game reviews. What YouTube should do is send email notifications for play lists. Which would probably fix YouTubers from setting up multiple channels. In order to please the audience and also make it feel less spammy.

Another point I would like to make. Not all of us went through your backlog of reviews because if that was the case. Your older videos would have much more views than your newer ones. I for one only went back to watch the games that I would be interested in. Then after that I watched every single new game review you put out.

I’ve been trying to echo this to you for a while now. Hopefully it actually reaches you. Anyways, still love you AngryJoe.

As a end disclaimer. This is just my opinion. I’m not telling you what to do because you are a grown ass man. Just thought you would like to hear the opinion of a long time fan and fellow blogger. 

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