Top 5 Reasons Why The Nintendo 3DS Had a Slow Start

The Nintendo 3DS had a slow start before it got famous

I still remember it now. The 3DS wasn’t even out for very long. Yet a lot of people were saying the 3DS was a failure and even Nintendo said sales were less than projected. Mostly because they set the bar very high and the Wii U didn’t help this either. However this article is going to be all about the top 5 reasons why the Nintendo 3DS had a slow start.
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Top 5 Original Xbox Games, That Should Be Backwards Compatible

Unfortunately There Is No Voting Section For Original Xbox Games

With a new announcement for original Xbox games. That will start to work on the Xbox One. It means more opportunities for fan’s voices to be heard. Even though we still don’t have a bunch of well liked Xbox 360 games on the list yet. A man can dream. Here is my most honest opinion. Of top 5 original Xbox games. That should be backwards compatible. Continue reading “Top 5 Original Xbox Games, That Should Be Backwards Compatible”

Rich Are Just Like The Poor

Time To Put Up Those Force Fields

Within politics there exists a multitude of debates that involve the rich and poor. Yet at the end of the day. The rich are just like the poor and the poor are just like the rich. Mainly because you are still human regardless of how much wealth you have. Despite this, both sides try to placate to peoples emotions. In order to get what they want.
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Melania Trump Look Like Caitlyn Jenner …?

No, Melania Trump Does Not Look Like Caitlyn Jenner

So I found this question on Yahoo Answers. I couldn’t stop thinking on how ridiculous it was. Hence why I wanted to elaborate more on my original answer. Which was, “Melania Trump does not look like Caitlyn Jenner.” Then I wanted to add in. How stunts like Kathy Griffin’s ties into all this.

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Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked

“Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked” Will Play Nice

As a disclaimer. When it comes to the anime community. It is hard to respectfully disagree with each other. Without the occasional troll taking it too far. Just keep in mind. We all have different opinions when it comes to our anime. Just chill out and lets have a fun chat. With no further ado. Lets begin my “Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked!” Continue reading “Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked”