Absolver Plus FURI GOG Offer, fan review

This deal will end on September 12 2017

GOG.com is running this Absolver plus FURI offer. Where if you buy Absolver you will get FURI for free. Both of these games was on my wish list. So I got to play FURI, while waiting for Absolver to come out. Now that I’ve played both games. I’m going to go ahead and put both fan reviews together. Get ready for my take on these 2 indie games! Continue reading “Absolver Plus FURI GOG Offer, fan review”

Top 5 Reasons Why The Nintendo 3DS Had a Slow Start

The Nintendo 3DS had a slow start before it got famous

I still remember it now. The 3DS wasn’t even out for very long. Yet a lot of people were saying the 3DS was a failure and even Nintendo said sales were less than projected. Mostly because they set the bar very high and the Wii U didn’t help this either. However this article is going to be all about the top 5 reasons why the Nintendo 3DS had a slow start.
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We Might Get a Playstation Switch and Xbox Switch

Nintendo Switch vs Playstation Switch vs Xbox Switch

Just like last gen. Sony and Microsoft decided to create a answer to the sensational Wii’s motion controls. That answer was the Playstation Move and Kinect. So if the Nintendo Switch is successful. We might get a Playstation Switch and Xbox Switch from both rival companies.

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Project X Zone Repeat, Repeat, Repeat fan review

Project X Zone why do this to us?

I was so excited when I got my Project X Zone Limited Edition for 3DS. But once I put it in. The excitement slowly faded away. I then realized despite having some of my favorite characters in here (like Gemini from Sakura Wars). I won’t be able to customize my teams as much as I wanted to because about 3/4’s of them are fixed.
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Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, fan review

I must be cursed by the Hellblade

I don’t mind Senua sacrificing herself, but I definitely would not like to sacrifice my time. After only 2 hours of playing Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice. I could tell it would not get better and also wouldn’t break my picking up bad games streak.

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Magic Duels is Not Getting Hours of Devastation

Amonkhet will not finish with Hours of Devastation

In fact, Wizards will not only finish Amonkhet, but no more updates for Magic Duels. Even though it was just around the corner. Magic Duels is not getting Hours of Devastation. Time to say goodbye and fu at the same time. Because I am sure they are going to shut it down to the point we can’t even play it anymore. Even after they promised Magic Duels would be a long term thing that they will continuously update. The least they can do is let us transfer over our collection to the new Magic Digital Next. Video below.

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