Free Will and Fate Are One

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Defining Free Will and Fate

FATE – The course of someone’s life, or the outcome of a situation for someone or something, seen as outside their control.
FREE WILL – The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.
— From Oxford Dictionary

Spirituality can’t be proven for free will, yet the same thing can be said about supernatural powers for fate. So we should exclude these both from our objective conclusion.

Homo sapiens sapiens don’t have 100% free will because they are bond by something called DNA and physical matter. Nor are they 100% predetermined by fate. Mostly because anything could randomly happen to throw everything off.

Now I know some people will say, “Well doesn’t that mean we have free will?” Or they will do something random. Then say, “See… I have free will!”

Biology, Free Will or Fate

Just because we can’t predict the course of events doesn’t negate that we are limited by our DNA and a physical brain that fires off neurons. Which is giving you, your current thoughts as we speak. If anything, it means we are just ignorant about our future and well being.


Here is a example I like to use when it comes to topics like these. A cubed dice has 6 sides labeled 1 through 6. We can predict the probability (16.667%) of it landing on one of the sides. Yet we can’t say we are 100 percent sure which single side it will land on every time. This comparison is perfect. With the dice’s fate, being it’s physical appearance, shape, and numbers.  Yet we have to considered it still has choices (free will), regardless if we can completely predict them or not.

To put it simple, if you have such free will. Why is it that your brain thinks completely differently once it has been damage? Why is it when any parts of your brain is removed, you can become dysfunctional? How come modern human’s IQ can only go so far? Why is your body predetermined by genetics to be in its’ current form? Then finally, why can copper and parasites affect your decision making and mood?

6 sided red cube, with 4 ladybugs

Hell, the government wouldn’t bother trying to devise a plan on how could they control human minds (Project MKUltra). Especially if we had unlimited free will. That means we can’t be controlled. There also wouldn’t be any point in the profession of a Psychologist. Which depends on diagnosing a person’s state of mind in order to get them to another predetermined state. How can anyone do that if your mind is free and formless? Lets not forget all the medication, drugs, and alcohol that can alter your mind.

Unfortunately humans can’t choose their genetics and can’t create brand new ones out of thin air. We don’t have full control over our environment and surroundings. Which can unconsciously affect us as well. We only have partial control over these things.

In Closing

I’m not trying to make a argument for free will vs fate, but for free will and fate working in conjunction together. If you are sadden by this. Look at it this way, you still have choices that have been laid out in front of you. So don’t feel down. One of these days we will crack the code to obtaining 100% free will, but as of right now. Human beings only have limited free will that has been shaped by fate.

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