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Short Summary of Review

IGPX Immortal Grand Prix is mainly a 3 mechs vs 3 mechs battle game. With racing being secondary. It does have some aspects of customization and squad based tactics. Keep in mind this video game is based off a anime and takes a maximum of 15 hours to beat. It does have a multi player, but it falls short for not having a split screen. IGPX is a decent game that will appeal more to the fans of Team Satomi and a little less to others. Due to more established franchises.

Pros = Great adaptation, fun and original, difficulty setting, multi player.
Neutral = Core aspects of the game need to be fleshed out more.
Cons = Short, not much replay value, no split screen.

Worth = If you are going to play with a friend every now and then. Well get yourself a used copy. Fans of the series probably want to find a brand new copy. Lastly, the serious racers out there might want to skip this.

Anime Mechs

IGPX Immortal Grand Prix is one of those examples. That video games based off anime. Can be decent games if done right. Similar how DBZ Tenkaichi 2 and 3 finally hit the right formula. Even though this particular game needs several more tweaks. Before it hits that stride.

IGPX’s anime aired 26 episodes on Cartoon Network and the game stays true to the series. Being one of Toonami’s first and so far only original series. But don’t get it mixed up with the original micro series. Which consisted of five 5 min episodes.

I know, it went with a weird name scheme like DMC Devil May Cry. IGPX stands for Immortal Grand Prix. So why the heck do we have to call it IGPX Immortal Grand Prix?

Anyways, IGPX for the PS2 tries to combine several game genres. These genres are fighting, mech customization, racing, and squad based tactics. Making it feel very original, unique, and fun. The problem is that IGPX does it mediocrely. Then opted out of doing it in great fashion. Especially when you look at games like Street Fighter, Armored Core, Burnout, and Full Spectrum Warrior. Which I know it is unfair to compare it to those type of titles. So I won’t knock the game too hard for it.

Story is all about Team Satomi

For those who care (this is spoiler free). The story is about Team Satomi who are trying to become champions of IG-1. IG-1 is like a round-robin race and battle between several teams. Consisting of 3 pilots in mechs.

These mechs have a race mode and battle mode. They can go 350 mph and race on huge 60 mile track courses. The player will be piloting Takeshi, Liz, and Amy in the year 2049. They are all very young and need to learn some teamwork. Especially in the face of the other teams who are very experienced, skilled, wealthier, and has well thought out strategies.

Now despite the game being all about Team Satomi. The game’s story isn’t trying to match the anime’s. Smart move on their part because we came to play as Team Satomi and gameplay should be more important.

IGPX Team Satomi Group Photo in Casual Wear


The racing aspect of the game is more about avoiding and stalling. Until you get to that final stretch of the 3rd lap to do a super boost. In which at that point you go into speed mode. How fast you go in speed mode depends on how much damage you took throughout the race and how far up the scale you choose “race” as your racing style.

Lap 1 consists of you setting your race style geared towards racing or battle for your forward (racer mech), midfielder (balanced mech), and defender (battle/tank mech). You can utilize a regular boost throughout, but it isn’t that effective. When all mechs have the ability to catch up with a auto skating motion.


The battling aspect consists of melee attacks, boost attacks, recovering, rotating attacks, various grabs, and special attacks. But everything varies depending on what parts are equipped. There is also blocking that has timed counterattacks. You can switch between the 3 pilots like a “Warriors Orochi” game and perform combo attacks.

Depending how far up the scale you choose “battle” as your racing style. Then your combo meter fills up quicker. You can also issue out 4 commands: crossfire, man to man, defend, rally. Which offers a little bit of squad based tactics. Similar to something you would see in Full Spectrum Warrior without the added depth.

Customizing Mechs For The Finish Line

You have around 100 parts to play around with. When you customize your mech you can change its right arm, left arm, legs, and extra. This will effect your offense, defense, agility, and stability stats. All mechs have a set amount of hp that can be depleted to zero by battling, falling off course, or being pushed off it. If this happens then that mech is out of the race and gets zero points for their team.

In order to win the race the team needs to have more points than their competitor. The number of points for a mech crossing the finish line: 15 points 1st place, 7 points 2nd place, 5 points 3rd place, 3 points 4th place, 2 points 5th place, 1 point 6th place.

IGPX Team Satomi's Mechs

IGPX Immortal Grand Prix’s Value and Final Thoughts

The game will take you about 6 to 15 hours max to beat on normal mode with about 70 types of race courses. There are 4 league games each consisting of 6 races. You can challenge individual teams, train, have simulations, and do special events within each league. If you get bored with that. Then you can challenge your friends in multiplayer (no split screen) or play everything over again. Other than that, this game doesn’t have much replay value.

Overall I can only give Team Satomi’s  game a solid 3 out of 5 stars. I’m still going to keep my copy because I’ll doubt we will get a 2nd enhanced one. So this is as good as it will ever get. Disagree with my opinion? Feel free to try the game out yourself and drop us a comment below on how much you like/dislike it.


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