Indefinite Hiatus

Arlberg Pass

This is only the ending of the beginning!

So for now I will have to put the blog on a indefinite hiatus. But don’t worry. *This K-pop superstar will make a comeback! Just not right now though, because I is busy!

Basically if I do post during this period. It will be irregular and not on a weekly basis. I even highly doubt that I will do that. I rather not just trickle content during a dessert storm.

Anyways, you can subscribe to Instant Coffey Chat’s mailing list. In this way you will know about the comeback and upcoming posts.

Also, you will still find me chit chatting on social media and maybe posting a video/stream or 2. Go to my about me page to avoid impostors. All official links are there.

Lastly, for those interested in guest posts (giving and/or receiving). I’ll still leave that open.

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