Prince Maker 2 Braveness, fan review

Boy + Princess Maker = Prince Maker 2 Braveness

This project was created by a Chinese company called “Alfagame” and it is very similar to its’ sister game, Princess Maker. Prince Maker 2 Braveness is not horrible by any means. It is just different and different is good. PM2 Braveness is mostly a simulation. That weaves in RPG and visual novel elemtns. With the main plot being you are tasked with raising your brother to become the new king of all 3 realms (angels, humans, demons).
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Great Wall Fuseki 01

aka Chinese Wall

So today while playing GO, I decided to use the Great Wall Fuseki for a free 19×19 board game. Now in this video below. The beginning has been cut out a little bit. Yet you can still go to KGS and download the game if you want to see more of the beginning. So sorry about that.

If you are not familiar of what the Great Wall Fuseki is, I recommend going to this link on Sensei’s Library.
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Fried Pickles and Kingdom Hearts

Dear Nikki,
Food baby!

So, I’ve learned last week that fried pickles are absolutely delicious. Perkin’s cheeseburger fries hit the mark and I had to finish mines in 2 sittings instead of 1. However the fried pickles in that thing was gone in like the first 2 minutes. Next time, I’m going to get the cheeseburger fries and a side order of fried pickles with ranch. Continue reading “Fried Pickles and Kingdom Hearts”