Papillon Rose, Why Did I Buy You? fan review

Regina, aka Queen Beryl
Papillon Rose Is 18 And Up Only!

Okay, so I screwed up very badly and I wish I read a review like this before I bought the complete Papillon Rose DVD collection. I want to give major props to Chikyudokei, aka Sailor Earth.

Right off the bat, I’m telling you this anime is 0 stars out of 5. Why you say? Because this anime tries to be extremely lewd and funny at the same time, but manages only to be lewd. I did not laugh once, the animation was bad, and after the OVA was over. It had the nerve to scale down the lewdness.

Lets get one thing straight though, it is not hentai at all. Even though there is plenty of nudity. Yet what was really creative about Papillon Rose. Is the fact that it parody mostly sailor moon and heightened it with this lewdness. I could have given it 1 or 2 stars for that. Because I saw potential for it, all it had to do was hire a professional comedian. Make the action fun to watch. Give us the animation in fullscreen and flesh out the story. Then maybe the creators could have least had a 3 star anime.

Plot Twist

But no, instead it gives us a OVA setting it all up. Then does a huge time skip of the story into the TV series (6 episodes) and entirely removes the lewdness. I stopped watching after episode 1, I couldn’t take it anymore. If you don’t see any stars at the bottom of this review, it is because Papillon Rose got ZERO! I can’t even give it 1/2 star for the catchy opening theme and what happened to watching this online at anime network and hulu?

I don’t want to be too negative, but good luck to the creator. Hopefully you can turn this around and make a much better season 2. Believe it or not, you really had somethin’ going on.

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