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Project X Zone 2

Project X Zone why do this to us?

I was so excited when I got my Project X Zone Limited Edition for 3DS. But once I put it in. The excitement slowly faded away. I then realized despite having some of my favorite characters in here (like Gemini from Sakura Wars). I won’t be able to customize my teams as much as I wanted to because about 3/4’s of them are fixed.

On top of that the game play was extremely repetitive and it dragged its’ feet. Especially when you compare it to other master piece RPG tactics games like Fire Emblem Awakening and Final Fantasy Tactics. I really thought that entering in button combinations every time you attack a enemy. Would be endless fun like The Legend of Dragoon. Somehow it wasn’t for this game.

Even though the fan service was on point. In both favorite characters and waifu form. It wasn’t enough and it is only a 2 star video game.

Project X Zone can be bought here.

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Project X Zone Limited Edition

The crazy part about PXZ Limited Edition. Is that the limited edition was better than the game itself. It comes with your standard LE boxing, mini art book, and mini poster. Yet what actually makes this one worth it is the unique mini OST. A release of the JPN full OST was never brought over to USA. But instead of this mini OST having only like 6 songs. It has over 20 which is about half of the full OST.

So we can definitely give PXZ Limited Edition a total of 4 stars. The reason why I couldn’t give it a full 5 stars is because the poster was just the box art and it would have been nice to get a full sized art book. In this way, we can take advantage of that waifu material. Or rule 34 is just going to pound that mini art book into the ground.

Project X Zone Limited Edition can be purchased here.

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Project X Zone 2

If you are hoping that the sequel Project X Zone 2 would be better. Well I’ll kill your dreams for you right now. It isn’t, it is the same formula with different characters, and slightly tweaked.

Nothing was addressed about the repetitiveness and then it has the nerve to have Chrom and Lucina from FE Awakening. A far more superior tactical RPG game.

As always though, fan service was still on point and here’s hoping that if they do a 3rd game. That they will actually make improvements and give us a kick ass PXZ Limited Edition.

You can buy Project X Zone 2 here.

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