Shepherd Book Spoilers If You Haven’t Read The Serenity Comics

Serenity Volume 3 The Shepherd's Tale

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Serenity Volume 3 The Shepherd’s Tale happens right at the moment Shepherd Book dies in the movie Serenity.

Basically, Shepherd Book’s birth name was Henry Evans. His current last name was taken from someone he killed to infiltrate the Alliance. Whose name was Derrial Shepherd.

His father was abusive which led him to a life of crime. Book eventually joined the Browncoats and agreed to become a spy for them. Once he rose in ranks. He convinced the Alliance for a 1 day assault to end the war. Which was really a trap made by him and actually hurt the alliance badly.

They ended up discharging him and never found out about his betrayal. Lastly he became a Shepard (which replaced his stolen 1st name Derrial) and eventually left the embassy. At that point in time he stumbled across the Firefly crew in the TV series.

Volume 3’s artwork is much better than volume 4 and I love how they tell Book’s life through a series of flashbacks. But at the end of the day it was too short. Volume 4 was much bigger than this. To be fair though, it did have 7 issues in 1 hardcover book. Yet I still feel the authors should have been prepared to flesh this out. Especially since they told it in a unique way.

As a Firefly fan it is nice to add it to the collection even despite the short length. You can get Serenity Volume 3 The Shepherd’s Tale physically or digitally. If you want though. You can skip it and not miss anything once you read volume 4.

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