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Season 1 Black Lagoon Spoilers

Rock got kidnapped by Black Lagoon (Revy, Benny, Dutch), but soon decides to join them. After his company he was working for. Decided to consider him dead instead of trying to save him.

A helicopter gunship tried to kill the crew, but Rock told Dutch to use their boat. To ski up on top of a wrecked ship. Then eject the torpedoes into the helicopter.

The gang has to get a Nazi painting from a sunken ship, but gets ambushed by skin heads. Which they later go on to beat to a pulp, but during these events. Rock manages to piss off Revy.

Following this, Revy and Rock have to do a bunch of errands together. Then they finally get into one more fight and are best buds again.

Rock and Revy Cigarette Kiss, Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon has to now escort a wealthy boy named Garcia. Who was stolen from his father. But his ex military maid Roberta, who seems indestructible like a robot, comes to save him. The gang is essentially getting their ass kicked, yet Balalaika stops the fighting. Roberta and Revy start a fist fight to squash their beef. It ends in a draw. Although Roberta was able to recover quicker.

Revy and Rock then go to deliver information to the CIA. About the operation of a terrorist group (Protectors of the Islamic Front). Rock being not much of a fighter. Ends up being kidnapped. Only for Revy to save his ass again, but this time. With her temporary sidekick Shenhua.

Season 2 Second Barrage, Black Lagoon Spoilers

2 Romania twins are causing mayhem. However Balalaika doesn’t play around and kills both of them. Keep in mind these 2 kids where used as sex slaves and were taught how to kill others. It looks like they are constantly role playing. As either a girl or a boy. By just simply switching clothes and wigs. At some point the supposed twin girl. Offers up sex to Rock because he was so nice to her.

Hansel & Gretel, from Black Lagoon's Roanapur

Eda (who is a secret CIA agent working as a crocked nun) decides to show Revy. How she can scam Jane (a money counterfeiter). Into giving them lots of money because Jane is on the run from her former boss. This puts everyone (Eda, Jane, Revy and Rock) in a lot of danger. Yet of course they managed to pull through and Benny gets himself a new girlfriend (Jane).

The last part of season 2. Involves Rock being a translator for Balalaika. Hotel Moscow has plans to take over Japan, but the Yakuza are in the way. She ends up double crossing them and pretty much both clans get annihilated. Therefore Yukio (suicide), Bando (Balalaika breaks his neck), and Ginji (Revy shoots him) end up dead. Rock even seemed to have. A little bit of love interest for Yukio.

OVA/Season 3 Roberta’s Blood Trail, Spoilers

We get a lot of back story and character development this season. We find out that Revy. Was actually raped by a cop. Rock becomes slightly more twisted. Revy and Rock are closer than they were before.

Revy and Rock Shower Scene, Black Lagoon Spoilers

Chang almost killed Balalaika in the past, but Dutch saves her.

Looks like Roberta and Garcia’s relationship. Is more than just master and maid, but instead they have a sexual interest (both end up sharing a kiss).

Roberta is trying to get revenge. For the Americans killing Garcia’s father. We get to see a new maid (Fabiola). They managed to save Roberta from being killed by the American soldiers, but at a heavy cost.

Shane still lives, but a lot of his soldiers died. Fabiola and Garcia are introduced to the reality of life. Such as sex, violence, people using each other, being shot at, and Roberta isn’t the good maid they thought she was. Roberta lost some limbs and will be bound to a wheelchair. Chang is still being controlled under the watchful eye of the crooked CIA. Rock was not able to free Roanapur from its’ crime ridden world.

It looks like season 1, 2, and 3. Occurs over a time span of 2 years. That is the end of Black Lagoon Spoilers. Check out my review of the series or have a giggle at me debunking other reviews.

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