Balalaika Black Lagoon Quote, Inheriting Riches Equals No Skill

“It’s hard for me to remember the bosses who rose up using money instead of skill. I better write your name on a dollar bill so I don’t forget who you are. ” —– Balalaika Black Lagoon Quote

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Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked

“Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked” Will Play Nice

As a disclaimer. When it comes to the anime community. It is hard to respectfully disagree with each other. Without the occasional troll taking it too far. Just keep in mind. We all have different opinions when it comes to our anime. Just chill out and lets have a fun chat. With no further ado. Lets begin my “Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked!” Continue reading “Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked”

Black Lagoon, Where is Season 4? fan review

-Black Lagoon, a on the sea version of Outlaw Star, except extremely dark (RATED TV MA)-

Summary of Black Lagoon Review:

Rock, Revy, and the rest of the Black Lagoon cast. Keeps everything interesting in Roanapur. To the point you are binge watching the show. Then you start to wonder where is season 4? Despite it not ending on a cliffhanger. The story feels slightly unfinished. Definitely not for kids or people sensitive to sadistic material. Regardless it has very few flaws. Being both musically and visually appealing. Its’ one of those anime to put on the shelf. Genres: Action, Crime drama, Dark comedy. Episodes: 29 (including OVA). Continue reading “Black Lagoon, Where is Season 4? fan review”