Boruto Naruto The Movie, You Are A Brat! fan review

Easiest rating I can give a (Naruto) Boruto Movie, but…

Well hi guys. I hope you enjoy my Boruto Naruto The Movie review and if you came here just for the coupon. Well first come, first served. It is at the bottom. Of course it only has one use for one person, but I rather it not go to waste. If you have already taken the coupon. Can you let us know by leaving a comment below. Then I will update that it has been taken already. Unless you are a brat like Boruto and want people to rage.

Without further ado. Lets get started with the review of the blu ray combo for Boruto Movie. Released by Viz Media. Continue reading “Boruto Naruto The Movie, You Are A Brat! fan review”

Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked

“Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked” Will Play Nice

As a disclaimer. When it comes to the anime community. It is hard to respectfully disagree with each other. Without the occasional troll taking it too far. Just keep in mind. We all have different opinions when it comes to our anime. Just chill out and lets have a fun chat. With no further ado. Lets begin my “Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked!” Continue reading “Black Lagoon Reviews Debunked”

Spellstone Reviews Debunked

Don’t worry, “Spellstone Reviews Debunked” will be friendly

Hi readers. As you all know. I really like playing Spellstone and I recently did a review of it. Then I thought to myself, what have other reviewers said about it? I’ve found several things that were a little off about these reviews or simply wasn’t true. So lets start my “Spellstone Reviews Debunked.”
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