Dear Nikki, Let’s Start Debunking

Dear Nikki,

So I am starting a new tag where I’m just debunking stuff. Now of course I want to do this nicely. No need to be mean, but after only doing just one on Spellstone reviews. One of the websites got back to me. They said thank you and updated their review. On top of all this. They were pretty cute Nikki. Not as cute as you though girl.
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Dear Nikki, Strawberries Can Be Dry

Dear Nikki,

I’ve always encountered terrible watermelons that were not juicy, but I’ve just experienced some dry ass strawberries. I was pretty shocked. It wasn’t nasty, but didn’t feel smooth going down my throat. Had to use a lot of saliva. As it began to roughly move between my tongue and cheeks. Even my tasty fruit dip could not save it.
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Dear Nikki, Making My Own Cheeseburger Fries

Dear Nikki,

Yo girl! Sorry for the bad picture. Somehow I fingered the hell out of my phone. I am finally burnt out of making my own cheeseburger fries that was inspired by Perkins. It was so delicious. Especially with Cajun seasoning and Heinz gourmet red wine vinegar. All I was missing is some good fried pickles, but mines don’t taste good at all.
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Fried Pickles and Kingdom Hearts

Dear Nikki,
Food baby!

So, I’ve learned last week that fried pickles are absolutely delicious. Perkin’s cheeseburger fries hit the mark and I had to finish mines in 2 sittings instead of 1. However the fried pickles in that thing was gone in like the first 2 minutes. Next time, I’m going to get the cheeseburger fries and a side order of fried pickles with ranch. Continue reading “Fried Pickles and Kingdom Hearts”