We Might Get a Playstation Switch and Xbox Switch

Nintendo Switch vs Playstation Switch vs Xbox Switch

Just like last gen. Sony and Microsoft decided to create a answer to the sensational Wii’s motion controls. That answer was the Playstation Move and Kinect. So if the Nintendo Switch is successful. We might get a Playstation Switch and Xbox Switch from both rival companies.

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USA Gets Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition

My prayers has been answered from my last post. USA will get a Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition version. Right now it is going to cost 59.99 before taxes and shipping. The link is below of where you can buy it. Go ahead and give NIS America our support.
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Culdcept Revolt Announced For USA

The Return of Culdcept!

After almost a decade from not being released in USA. I finally get to sink my teeth into Culdcept again. It all began with me reading the manga from the public library. I love the manga as a teen despite not being able to finish it (the library didn’t have all the volumes). When I grew up and finally got my own Xbox 360. I bought Culdcept Saga and enjoyed it a lot. Which I still have to finish, but it is sad that it is so dead online. Hopefully the 3DS version does not suffer the same fate.
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Fire Emblem HD Movie Collection

Time to grab some popcorn

So today I just found out via siliconera. That Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is getting 2 collector’s editions in Japan. One of the collector’s edition (Valentia Version). Comes with a Fire Emblem HD Movie Collection. Which includes the cut scenes of Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates, and Echoes. All of it will be put on a blu ray disc. Continue reading “Fire Emblem HD Movie Collection”

You Have To Pay For Online Play On Nintendo Switch

Play online for free… NOPE!

So I just learned from watching the twitch live broadcast for nintendo’s new Switch system. That Nintendo Wii U will be the last console that will allow you to play online for free. But this also comes with some great news as well. The switch will not be region locked.
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