Fist of the North Star Ken’s Rage, fan review

Will Ken’s Rage do Fist of the North Star justice?

Short Summary of Review

This is a Dynasty Warrior spin off based on the popular manga series Fist of the North Star. It suffers from the same thing as other Koei Warrior games. But tries to shake up the formula by adding a skill chart, fun signature moves, and easy puzzle elements. The first play through is great. After that your just going to grit your teeth from playing the same stages over and over. You’ll probably just stick around for some easy Ken’s Rage trophies. Regardless, it is hands down the best FOTNS game that has ever been created.

Pros = good adaptation, solid brawler, easy trophies, 2 player co-op, difficulty setting, has a little bit of action-adventure elements
Neutral = clunky controls, apocalyptic setting gets old
Cons = play stages over, repetitive, friendly AI not smart

Worth = Brand new buy for fans of the manga/anime. Trophy Hunters could probably rent this to get the trophies real quick.
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