Great Power Equals Great Responsibility Prose

“With great power comes great responsibility” —- Uncle Ben Parker

If some of you aren’t aware. Uncle Ben Parker was Peter Parker’s Uncle from Spider-Man. I could tell you more, but that would probably spoil it for you. Oh, and PS Spidey-Man. Stay away from Elsa.

Anyways, this quote is more funny. Then it is wise because there is nothing more that humanity despises. That something is called responsibility.

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Windy Love, A Poem From A Teenager

Here is a poem from a teenager boy. I’ve had this poem since like middle school or early freshman year. It was something I constantly edit and played with. Now don’t laugh too hard at me. Instara Cofe™ has decided to just go ahead and release this one. I got several others, but “Windy Love, At That Moment” is probably the only one I feel comfortable putting on Instant Coffey Chat™. Although I might do more in the future. Look forward to finding them inside our Art category with a Poetry tag.
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