Rich Are Just Like The Poor

Time To Put Up Those Force Fields

Within politics there exists a multitude of debates that involve the rich and poor. Yet at the end of the day. The rich are just like the poor and the poor are just like the rich. Mainly because you are still human regardless of how much wealth you have. Despite this, both sides try to placate to peoples emotions. In order to get what they want.
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Melania Trump Look Like Caitlyn Jenner …?

No, Melania Trump Does Not Look Like Caitlyn Jenner

So I found this question on Yahoo Answers. I couldn’t stop thinking on how ridiculous it was. Hence why I wanted to elaborate more on my original answer. Which was, “Melania Trump does not look like Caitlyn Jenner.” Then I wanted to add in. How stunts like Kathy Griffin’s ties into all this.

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Dear Nikki, Strawberries Can Be Dry

Dear Nikki,

I’ve always encountered terrible watermelons that were not juicy, but I’ve just experienced some dry ass strawberries. I was pretty shocked. It wasn’t nasty, but didn’t feel smooth going down my throat. Had to use a lot of saliva. As it began to roughly move between my tongue and cheeks. Even my tasty fruit dip could not save it.
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The Alt Right’s Delusion Towards Trump’s Inauguration

Oh Holy Donald Trump

I keep seeing videos from alt right personalities and their allies. Dealing with the fact. That they can’t believe how the left are reacting towards Donald Trump becoming the new president. What they have to understand and eventually acknowledge. Is that Donald Trump is currently one of the least liked presidents in the past 30 years.
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