Absolver Plus FURI GOG Offer, fan review

This deal will end on September 12 2017

GOG.com is running this Absolver plus FURI offer. Where if you buy Absolver you will get FURI for free. Both of these games was on my wish list. So I got to play FURI, while waiting for Absolver to come out. Now that I’ve played both games. I’m going to go ahead and put both fan reviews together. Get ready for my take on these 2 indie games! Continue reading “Absolver Plus FURI GOG Offer, fan review”

Project X Zone Repeat, Repeat, Repeat fan review

Project X Zone why do this to us?

I was so excited when I got my Project X Zone Limited Edition for 3DS. But once I put it in. The excitement slowly faded away. I then realized despite having some of my favorite characters in here (like Gemini from Sakura Wars). I won’t be able to customize my teams as much as I wanted to because about 3/4’s of them are fixed.
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Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, fan review

I must be cursed by the Hellblade

I don’t mind Senua sacrificing herself, but I definitely would not like to sacrifice my time. After only 2 hours of playing Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice. I could tell it would not get better and also wouldn’t break my picking up bad games streak.

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Overwatch From Dislike To Addiction, fan review

Is Overwatch overrated?

I know what you might be thinking right now. Overwatch is overrated. Another twitchy shooting game. That only got popular because it was made by Blizzard and their fan boys/girls will drool over anything they release. Well, I’ve come to tell you that is only partially true. Continue reading “Overwatch From Dislike To Addiction, fan review”

Witchblade Anime Needs A Redo, fan review

Witchblade Anime Is Suppose To Be That Crazy B

Genre: Action, Supernatural drama, Science fiction, Thriller

The Witchblade is a mysitcal artifact that attaches itself to a worthy female host. Essentially giving them powers beyond their wildest dreams and ultimately cursing them at the same time.

In the Witchblade anime we are following the adventures of Masane Amaha and her daughter Rihoko (aka Riko). As they struggle to be a happy family in Japan. While also having to deal with the Witchblade attached to Masane’s wrist. This entire story is cannon to the Top Cow’s Witchblade comic books. It happens in the future and after Sara Pezzini’s story.
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Gravitation’s OSTs Review, Be Careful Of Fakes

It Is A Blind Game Again

So those of you who are new to anime. Gravitation is a story about 2 men who fall in love. It blends together comedy, shonen-ai, and music to tell the tale of these 2 love birds. Gravitation was originally a manga created by Maki Murakami. That was also adopted into a anime. So no, this article is definitely not for everyone. Especially if you thought I was talking about physics. But I am only reviewing Gravitation’s OSTs.

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Lens Cleaning Wipes by Camkix, Review

Wipe Wipe Wipe, Scrub Scrub Scrub, Now Sparkle For Me

So these Lens Cleaning Wipes by Camkix are a jack of all trades but a master of none. I was mainly going to use this for my eye glasses, but it doesn’t do as a good job. Compared to the current eye glass wipes I own.

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Under The Dog Is Something To Cheer For, UTD fan review

*Hey Under The Dog, Scarlett Johansson called and wants to star as Anthea Kallenberg.


Title Names = (UTD) Under The Dog OVA or Episode 0.
Rating = R+ (Mild Nudity).
Genre = Girls with guns, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction.
Status = Incomplete, Creative Intelligence Arts needs to finish her.
Main Cast = Anthea Kallenberg and the other “Flowers.” aka Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycat Dolls.
Language = JPN Dub with ENG Sub.
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Boruto Naruto The Movie, You Are A Brat! fan review

Easiest rating I can give a (Naruto) Boruto Movie, but…

Well hi guys. I hope you enjoy my Boruto Naruto The Movie review and if you came here just for the coupon. Well first come, first served. It is at the bottom. Of course it only has one use for one person, but I rather it not go to waste. If you have already taken the coupon. Can you let us know by leaving a comment below. Then I will update that it has been taken already. Unless you are a brat like Boruto and want people to rage.

Without further ado. Lets get started with the review of the blu ray combo for Boruto Movie. Released by Viz Media. Continue reading “Boruto Naruto The Movie, You Are A Brat! fan review”