Magic Duels is Not Getting Hours of Devastation

Amonkhet will not finish with Hours of Devastation

In fact, Wizards will not only finish Amonkhet, but no more updates for Magic Duels. Even though it was just around the corner. Magic Duels is not getting Hours of Devastation. Time to say goodbye and fu at the same time. Because I am sure they are going to shut it down to the point we can’t even play it anymore. Even after they promised Magic Duels would be a long term thing that they will continuously update. The least they can do is let us transfer over our collection to the new Magic Digital Next. Video below.

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Spellstone Reviews Debunked

Don’t worry, “Spellstone Reviews Debunked” will be friendly

Hi readers. As you all know. I really like playing Spellstone and I recently did a review of it. Then I thought to myself, what have other reviewers said about it? I’ve found several things that were a little off about these reviews or simply wasn’t true. So lets start my “Spellstone Reviews Debunked.”
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Spellstone, aka Hearthstone’s Rival, fan review

Let the war of the Stones begin!

Short Summary of Review

Spellstone is one of those Kongregate games, that the more you play it. The more you will like it, until you run into a pay to win deck. Hearthstone’s Rival has a ways to go before it can dethrone the king. However, Spellstone finds its’ own way of being unique in the ever changing game of TCG.

Pro = simple, addictive, instant play, improving
Neutral = guild families
Con = pay to win decks

Worth = playing for sure. You can’t argue with free baby.
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USA Gets Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition

My prayers has been answered from my last post. USA will get a Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition version. Right now it is going to cost 59.99 before taxes and shipping. The link is below of where you can buy it. Go ahead and give NIS America our support.
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Culdcept Revolt Announced For USA

The Return of Culdcept!

After almost a decade from not being released in USA. I finally get to sink my teeth into Culdcept again. It all began with me reading the manga from the public library. I love the manga as a teen despite not being able to finish it (the library didn’t have all the volumes). When I grew up and finally got my own Xbox 360. I bought Culdcept Saga and enjoyed it a lot. Which I still have to finish, but it is sad that it is so dead online. Hopefully the 3DS version does not suffer the same fate.
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