Top 5 Reasons Why The Nintendo 3DS Had a Slow Start

The Nintendo 3DS had a slow start before it got famous

I still remember it now. The 3DS wasn’t even out for very long. Yet a lot of people were saying the 3DS was a failure and even Nintendo said sales were less than projected. Mostly because they set the bar very high and the Wii U didn’t help this either. However this article is going to be all about the top 5 reasons why the Nintendo 3DS had a slow start.
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Lens Cleaning Wipes by Camkix, Review

Wipe Wipe Wipe, Scrub Scrub Scrub, Now Sparkle For Me

So these Lens Cleaning Wipes by Camkix are a jack of all trades but a master of none. I was mainly going to use this for my eye glasses, but it doesn’t do as a good job. Compared to the current eye glass wipes I own.

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Top 10 Features Every Controller Should Have

Controllers Are. Controlling Our. Future…

Gaming’s best friend has come a long way, but we are still far away from the perfect controller. Here is a list of features that all of them must have.

10. Vibration

I’m not talking about those toys you find at the back of the store. I’m talking about some heavy rumbling when we get hit with a attack or there is some turbulence in the air. Feeling the action through your hands is always satisfying. Which helps us immerse ourselves into the experience.

9. Official Custom Lab

Microsoft had the right idea. Instead of having 3rd parties do this for their customers. Microsoft took it into their own hands, but they need to do a minor little adjustment. Adding limited edition designs (like the one below) temporarily would be lovely!

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