Magic Duels is Not Getting Hours of Devastation

Amonkhet will not finish with Hours of Devastation

In fact, Wizards will not only finish Amonkhet, but no more updates for Magic Duels. Even though it was just around the corner. Magic Duels is not getting Hours of Devastation. Time to say goodbye and fu at the same time. Because I am sure they are going to shut it down to the point we can’t even play it anymore. Even after they promised Magic Duels would be a long term thing that they will continuously update. The least they can do is let us transfer over our collection to the new Magic Digital Next. Video below.

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Vanguard Princess is sexy, but not my thing

Hilda is greater than Vanguard Princess

Vanguard Princess is not my thing. So I don’t feel it would be fair if I did a fan review of it. The gameplay just wasn’t for me and controls were weird even though it was a little fun. This seems like something that would be awesome to take apart and put in M.U.G.E.N. Below is a video of a full run through I did with Hilda. Continue reading “Vanguard Princess is sexy, but not my thing”

Great Wall Fuseki 01

aka Chinese Wall

So today while playing GO, I decided to use the Great Wall Fuseki for a free 19×19 board game. Now in this video below. The beginning has been cut out a little bit. Yet you can still go to KGS and download the game if you want to see more of the beginning. So sorry about that.

If you are not familiar of what the Great Wall Fuseki is, I recommend going to this link on Sensei’s Library.
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