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Broseph Lieberman Thug Life Swag, meme jokes

You must give to receive… Well that is what she said!

Do you know what the Jester of the court would say to his King before he performed his trick? I bet you can’t GUEST this. Ba ha ha haaa!

With all the bad jokes aside. As the title states. We do accept and give guest posts. So if you ever want to guest post for Instant Coffey Chat. Just contact us through our contact page. I recommend only people who are comfortable talking about anime, video games, politics, art, and philosophy. To write guest post for us.

We also guest post for others. So if you are interested in setting that up. You can contact us the same way. I’m mostly looking to do content that can’t be done on this website (like AO content). However I’m still open to other options as well.

Before We Accept and Give Guest Posts

For those of you new to the website. Feel free to look around to get a sense of the website. Also before you give or accept a guest post from us. These articles below. Will probably be a perfect start to get to know my website.

Black Lagoon, Where is Season 4? fan review

Top 5 Xbox 360 Games, That Should Be Backwards Compatible

IGPX Immortal Grand Prix PS2, fan review

Lastly and slightly off topic like my epic joke (yeah boy)! if you want to advertise on our blogging website. Which every now and then. Likes to have a sense of humor combined with serious topics. Just let us know through the same methods as above.

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