We Might Get a Playstation Switch and Xbox Switch

Xbox Switch v Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch vs Playstation Switch vs Xbox Switch

Just like last gen. Sony and Microsoft decided to create a answer to the sensational Wii’s motion controls. That answer was the Playstation Move and Kinect. So if the Nintendo Switch is successful. We might get a Playstation Switch and Xbox Switch from both rival companies.

Currently both of the motion control technologies is not doing as well as Nintendo’s. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that Sony and Microsoft was willing to try to compete for that market share.

Xbox Switch Microsoft

The only thing that would be stopping this. Is that Microsoft was really never interested in the hand held market. They see the future going into phones and holograms. Hence why windows 10 was made with the phone in mind. Despite the complaints of desktop PC enthusiasts. To be fair to Microsoft though. Google themselves have even confirmed there is more traffic going to websites through phones than desktops. With tablets coming at the rear end in 3. Microsoft is even making a push towards tablets as well.

Even I had to try to optimize my website for mobile because we get a lot more traffic for them as well. By the way mobile users, the full desktop version of the site is more fun. If you ever get a chance to check it out.

Playstation Switch v Nintendo Switch

Playstation Switch Sony

Next lets talk about Sony. You think Sony would definitely copy Nintendo because they are just in the business to spite them. I mean look at the Dualshock 4 controller. It is practically a Wii U Controller. Just instead of a LED screen. It has a touch pad.

However we also have to consider that Sony just recently killed Vita in 2016 like a sack of bricks. Even though it was mostly their faults and not even the free market. Sony made some really poor decisions when it came to the vita. Which I will talk about in a different article in the future. Sony has also decided to focus more on the phone market, but they are definitely getting their butts handed to them in this department as well.

Lastly they just recently came out with Playstation VR in 2016 and it has only sold 1 mill. There might be too much on their plate to copy Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Current Status

Essentially I don’t know whether or not if both entities are going to keep up this persona. That the gaming hand held market will be dead because of phones. Although Nintendo itself has moved into the phone market as well. Releasing the really popular Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run apps for smart phones/tablets. Yet they still decided to do the Nintendo Switch, 2DS XL, and have plans on making a successor for the 3DS family.

If we take in all these factors. There is a 25% chance that both Sony and Microsoft will make a Playstation Switch, Xbox Switch, or some type of on the go gaming experience. Once again, this is only if the Nintendo Switch is successful! Which by the way we can’t tell if it is or not. We need to give it at least a year. Keep in mind it has only sold roughly 5 mill at the time of the writing of this article.

More stats to compare

Xbox One 10 mill

PS4 63 mill

Wii U 14 mill (Nintendo’s worst performing console of all time. Although it did have a amazing exclusive library with backwards compatibility.)

Vita 4 mill

3DS 67 mill

As of August 25 2017.

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